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Harvest Mission Outreach is a healing ministry with the mandate to spread the forgotten mission of healing across this nation and around the world. 

- Connect Groups -

In a world where our society is rapidly changing to a lonely place day by day, our goal is to engage you with the right team of volunteers that will pray for your need (Mt.18:19).

We know how important it is to keep connected with one another. Therefore, we recommend to our online prayer every Monday & Tuesday via our Church Facebook page.

If you will like to connect to a group: Email us at mail@harvestmission.org.uk


As a Biblical principle of tithes and offerings: when you honour the principle of giving to the house of God, it will stir an open heaven over you (Mal.3:10-12). God promised to open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing abundantly until you won't have room enough to contain it. 

Become a part of those that help us reach this nation and other nations with the gospel of Salvation and healing today.

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We have been so privileged to reach other nations with the healing power of God, spreading the gospel and bringing deliverance to the oppressed. Our mission also include food program for the poor and proving sources of income to the needy.